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Re: APO cooling down - UPDATE

Started by wrroy, 02/05/2005 10:51PM
Posted 02/05/2005 10:51PM Opening Post

Well it just so happens that I've been paying close attention to cool down times for my new FS128 (air spaced doublet). Here it is:

70°-31° about 40 minutes
70°-42° about 28 minutes
70°-51° about 20 minutes

Times and temps are approximate with the temps being taken at the end of the cool down period. Also, I didn't measure the beginning temp. 70° is the temp setting of my house's thermostat. So this isn't scientific, but close enough for your purposes, I believe.

BTW--When I set up for observing, I take the OTA out first and open the case. By the time I set up the mount, polar align and align my Temma controller, the scope is well on its way to being cooled. A smaller APO's faster cooldown is an advantage when using an alt az mount or wheeley bars (e.g., rolling an eq mount out of a heated garage). However, if you have to set up from scratch and especially if you are imaging, the advantage disappears. I am speaking from experience on this one.

Hot dog! The skies are clear. Looks like I'll get to add another data point this evening!


Randy Roy