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Re: converting a C90 from .965 to 1.25

Started by DrThud, 01/01/2003 01:26AM
Posted 01/01/2003 01:26AM Opening Post
Hi Walt.

The most-popular solution is the "Large Accessory Ring." I know Orion Binocular and Telescope used to sell this adapter (& still may, though it's not listed in their catalog). Scopetronix does indeed carry the LAR. Perhaps a Celestron dealer can help you find one.

A standard 1.25-inch Celestron visual back would then screw onto the LAR.

Scopetronix also sells a visual back which screws directly onto an ETX90/105/125 rear port -- no LAR needed. I believe this adapter fits the C90, as well, but you might double-check with Scopetronix on that point. Perhaps another Astromarteer can confirm this. If it *does* fit the C90, then let me know -- I have a spare and would be happy to send it your way (gratis). What a deal, eh?

I'll keep on eye on this thread.
Best wishes.