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Re: I may have been ripped off, what I do now?

Started by m87, 02/05/2004 03:34PM
Posted 02/05/2004 03:34PM Opening Post
Maybe I'm all wrong on this, but it seems a bit early
to be getting this nervous. The "ship" date on stuff
seems typically anywhere from same day to 2 weeks
depending on how busy people are, at least in my
humble experience on Astromart. Maybe if you paid
for overnight shipping, and he promised you'd have
it the next day, well then maybe I'd be a little
worried. While its relatively easy to cash a check
(and probably wise to do it before shipping -- note
recent spate of fraudulent cahsiers checks in the
media), it can sometimes take days to do a
bomb-proof packing job on a big scope. People have
day jobs, stuff happens, etc. Even if he took
another week or two (or how about 6 months!),
and didn't reply to any communications, he'd still
be doing better than I've ocassionally seen from
well-known scope manufacturers/dealers out there.
Its not exactly "great service" but its a little
early to be talking police.
Posted 02/05/2004 04:25PM #1
Two weeks is entirely too long to sit on a package. It should be shipped THE SAME DAY, or the following day that your check is cashed. Waiting two weeks, no matter what the circumstances, is absolutely rediculous. Even if it works out, I would still reflect poor performance in his feedback. Personally, if my house burned to the ground (with your scope in it) I would still send an email to you IMMEDIATELY, and let you know what was happening. Cashing someone's check, and then disappearing, is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE under ANY circumstance, PERIOD! -Kurt Horsley