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Re: off-axis parabolic reflectors

Started by plunkett, 11/04/2002 06:44PM
Posted 11/04/2002 06:44PM Opening Post
I looked through a 10" f/10 (yes, f/10) Herschel (sp?) at the Laurel Highlands Star Cruise both this summer and the summer before. WAY cool! Superb views and fairly convenient to use (it was mounted more-or-less as a Dob). Only weird thing is that you have to be very careful where you position your head as it may block the light path. Note that the Herschel has no secondary mirror.

Posted 11/04/2002 06:55PM #1
Check out Ed Tings telescope reveiw site, he gives em pretty good ratings. I guess their real fun to collimate though. Ron