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Re: Polar Scope

Started by rmollise, 01/23/2008 05:02AM
Posted 01/23/2008 05:02AM | Edited 01/23/2008 05:05AM Opening Post
Don Risner said:

Hey Guys,

I need some advice. I am selling my CPC 1100 because of the weight of the thing. 65 pounds for the top half. I just bought a used CGE 1400 because the heaviest component is 45 pounds, which my worn out knees will handle a bit better. I am not all that familular with the German EQ mount, but I guess I will be soon. My question is, do I need a Polar Finder Scope? And, can anyone tell me how the Celestron one for this scope mounts. Their description in ther ads is pretty vague, like their telescope manuals. I know the CG5 scope has the hole going through the RA axis, but this thing has no such hole. By the picture in the ad, it looks like it may attach to a dovetail bracket mounted on the optical tube. Am I right?
Thanks, Don

No. Assuming this is a scope with a recent (programmable) hand controller, the polar alignment routine in the HC is every bit as accurate as the polar scope. Maybe moreso. That is, good enough for casual imaging, not as good as a drift.


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