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Re: Sidewalk Test

Started by RolandC, 10/15/2004 12:49PM
Posted 10/15/2004 12:49PM Opening Post
I used premium and not so premium EPs so that the test would show the differences. Though if you look they are not as profound as you would have imagined.
Well, what do you think?

You did everything quite wrong, I'm afraid, so your pictures are not very meaningful.

First, the reason it is called the sidewalk test is so that you place them well away from you when yopu photograph them. You cannot place them on a table and then photograph a row of them. Only the middle ones will be at a shallow enough angle. Second, you did them in bright sunlight. You must go somewhere in shade so that only the light from the sky above must illuminate the the glass. Make sure that the sky is above, and not have some building overhang bloch the direct diffuse rays of the sky. Having the sun shine on them from an angle is no good. Place them in shade in a circle if you want, so that all are at nearly the same angle to the camera lens. Then get as far away as possible (even a ladder) and use a zoom eyepiece to get the picture.

Roland Christen

Posted 10/15/2004 01:26PM | Edited 10/15/2004 01:28PM #1
Oh, OK! :S
Did not understand the test I guess. Will go out and do it again this time in shade with sky overhead.
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