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Re: Used Stellarvue AT-1010's, value?

Started by jonisaacs, 11/23/2003 06:29AM
Posted 11/23/2003 06:29AM Opening Post
I see one going on Astromart right now for $290. I don't know a great deal about the various versions of the AT1010 but that seems like about the right price, especially if it has some accessories like rings and a diagonal.

$200 is what a new ST-80 costs with some stuff. Certainly not the scope the AT1010 is but it is new and ready to go. So you should get more than that.

And at $400-$429 for the AT-1010 and ED80s, clearly one has to be significantly lower than that.

I think the ED80 is going to make it tough on the AT1010. It is clearly the choice for anyone wanting a good quality 80mm refractor at a reasonable price. That "APO" objective is hard to compete with.