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Risk of getting spoiled

Started by Inge_S, 10/03/2002 06:10AM
Posted 10/03/2002 06:10AM Opening Post
For a person mostly having access to a small scope, is there a risk of getting spoiled by one-time use of e.g. a big dob (e.g. Obsession, Starmaster in the 15 - 20 inch range)?
Posted 10/03/2002 06:40AM #1
Possibly, it happened to me, now I am trying to get the funds to build my own 20". But I'm a galaxy freak and a little obsessive-compulsive and I want the biggest that I can handle, anything less makes me feel like I'm selling myself short.


"Though parted by a gulf more impassable than any sea, the telescope lets us traverse what otherwise had been barred and lands us at last above the shores we went forth to seek. Real the journey is, though incorporeal in kind. Since the seeing strange sights is the essence of all far wanderings, it is as truly tavel so the eye arrive as if the body kept it company." Pervcival Lowell
Posted 10/03/2002 01:20PM #2

If you feel such an attack coming on after viewing through a large scope, insist on being allowed to pack it all up, carry it, and pur it in the car by yourself. That sometimes cures the infection.

Seriously, though. I believe you need two scopes. One for every day, quick looks, and just messing around. And another for those special times when you have a really dark sky, and want to pick everything out.

I actually think looking through a big one also makes you a better observer in the little ones. After you see what the object looks like in the big one, you sometimes can get more out of the little one.