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SCTs Gone Video

Started by tbennett, 11/30/2014 03:10PM
Posted 11/30/2014 03:10PM Opening Post
I’m in the process of converting a Nexstar 11 GPS SCT to video with a Mallincam Jr Pro camera, MFR-5 reducer, Sony 9 inch DVP, and 35 AH battery mounted on a heavy-duty push-cart (see picture). The scope will remain alt-az mounted (no wedge) limiting integration time due to field rotation so the camera was purchased with the more sensitive EXview HAD sensor. The system is coming together nicely but I had a couple questions about what else is needed.

Is the stock SCT focuser adequate for video or is a dual-speed or motorized focuser necessary to achieve good focus?

I’m in mag-4 skies but might occasionally view from more light polluted areas - at what point is a LP filter necessary for video?

The system currently doesn't have a finderscope - only a Telrad. Is the Mallincam + MFR-5 displayed FOV adequate to achieve a 2-star alignment with the Telrad or is a finderscope needed?

Thanks, Tom

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Posted 12/01/2014 12:35PM #1
The stock focuser is more than good enough. I have installed a JMI motofocus on my C11, however, to allow me to focus at the monitor, but you do not need anything fancier than that. wink

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