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Shipping Over Borders

Started by clevine, 12/02/2004 06:04AM
Posted 12/02/2004 06:04AM | Edited 12/02/2004 06:24AM Opening Post
Mostly on-topic, seeing as it involves shipping equipment...

Folks, if you're shipping to Canada (or elsewhere for that matter), do NOT use UPS or any other courier for that matter, and please, please, please, state the resale, not replacement value of the item. Why? I purchased an item for US$95, and asked that said item be shipped via the Postal service, Instead, it came via UPS (I stated USPS, so it's an honest mistake that it came via UPS). That added a Canadian$45 customs brokerage charge, plus taxes = Cdn.$48.15. 8O (The post office charges about 5$) The seller also stated a value of US$179, its retail cost. This added a further tax charge of $31. So, a deal that originally cost me Cdn$113.85 (a bit more, but I'm using the RBC foreign exchange converter), now ends up costing me Cdn$192. I probably could have been more clear with the seller, so partly my bad, but I just wanted to post this as a caution. If it's an expensive irreplacable item, by all means state replacement values, but for a filter, this is absolutely insane. The brokerage charges are pure usary, and UPS was absolutely unapologetic.

- Craig :C
Posted 12/03/2004 06:25PM #1
I had a similar situation... It involved the meade eyepiece deal... the advertized cost was 99.00 but the seller put one 399.00 so I paid duty on the the 399.00..

Ups and Fedex are not so bad when paying on an expensive item.. but they have their set administrative fee at the minimum of 25.00.. So if you buy a 2.00 item from the U.S. and have it shipped via UPS or Fedex it would still cost you a 25.00 admin fee or whatever they are charging now..I try and avoid them like the plague now...

I prefer people from the US to just ship it through normal postage.. and I might add that I have had great success with the normal postal service.

Mark Visser
Posted 12/03/2004 09:29PM #2
I shipped something to Canada via USPS today. I start out saying this, because I want everyone to know that despite the following remarks, I really want to make trades with our kindred spirits outside the U.S.

First, many of us are setup to ship online with FedEx or UPS. Shipping USPS is often a bit of a hassle (I stood in line an hour at the post office today). I never wait in line at UPS or FedEx. I print the airbill at home and drop and run at the local office, drop box or give it to a courier.

Second, I can't say how many times I've closed a deal with a buyer outside the U.S. and then have been asked to mark the package as gift or perhaps 10% of the value we agreed upon. I refuse and then the buyer cools off or cancels the sale. I rarely agree to ship internationally because of experiences like this.

However, if I've shipped with someone before (my experience with the buyer from Canada today) or if someone outside the U.S. really needs what I have and it is evident he does, I will ship to him. I won't lie to Customs, but I will wait in line at the Post Office. I know I am not the only U.S. seller who feels this way. There are always two sides.

Randy--wishes we really did have free trade in N.A.

Randy Roy
Posted 03/01/2005 07:10AM #3
We have talked about shipping stuff TO Canada. How about shipping stuff FROM Canada to the US?

Are there import duties? How should the goods be shipped?