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Star chart recommendations please

Started by mhansen, 08/16/2002 03:05PM
Posted 08/16/2002 03:05PM Opening Post
Looking to finally get a deeper atlas to match my 16" dob. I'm working on the Herschel 400 and would like an atlas that shows at least the majority of the H400 objects. An ideal depth would be an atlas where fills an entire page. Would prefer white background and non-thirsty paper. I have The Sky software, but prefer a "hard" copy to carry afield.

Thanks for any and all input.

Mark Hansen
Posted 08/16/2002 05:21PM #1
I've been using the Uranometria 2000.0 with my 12.5" Dob in finding the Herschel 400. It's worked out pretty good so far!

Posted 08/17/2002 12:43PM #2
I use MegaStar to find the H400 with my 14.5" Dob. You can print charts EXACTLY the size and star mag you need. You see precisely in the eyepiece what is on the chart. Works great. Does take some work printing charts, but they are very good.