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Started by Lorne Johnson, 03/20/2004 03:04PM
Posted 03/20/2004 03:04PM Opening Post
I noticed that Klaus Preibe made the front page of the New York Times today! Haven't found any reference to it on this board.
Posted 03/20/2004 04:14PM #1
What's the story about?
Bill in SA
Posted 03/20/2004 10:32PM #2
This just makes me appreciate Astromart more and more. I'm very monogamous in my astrodealings. I only use Astromart and get in enough trouble with my wife getting my fix here. The only good thing I've gotten from the E-place is hearing the funny postings others refer to like the guy selling a 12.5" scope as the largest privately-owned scope in the country. I haven't been burned yet on Astromart.

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