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StellaCam demo

Started by lintonius, 08/22/2005 06:46PM
Posted 08/22/2005 06:46PM | Edited 08/22/2005 06:48PM Opening Post
I dropped in on a local telescope store Friday night for a demo event they were holding for the Astrovid StellaCam II. I was told they were having the event on a full moon night, and behind the store amidst the suburban skyglow, to emphasize how well one can view DSO's even in the worst conditions. I was somewhat sceptical, but figured I might as well check it out.
There were three different scopes set up, an 8" and 12" feeding small monitors and a 10" RCX feeding a projection screen. They started out with well known Messier objects, such as M-57, M-27, M13, M-92. I could just make out the central star of the Ring and the dumbbell detail was very good too. The the resolution on the globulars was pretty darn good as well. But I wanted some galaxies. The trees and buildings were blocking a lot of them, for instance M-51 and M-101. But then our 12" owner started jumping around to all these obscure (to me anyway) NGC galaxies. I was amazed as they popped up on the monitor. Remember, we're talking full moon - in Los Angeles! Yowza. shocked
I kept bugging him to try M-31, so he finally did. But then quickly zeroed in on a faint galaxy within the dark lane of Andromeda. Geez.
I had planned on leaving pretty early, but ended up staying through to the end. It was just too amazing. Towards the end, Sagitarius had risen up from behind a tree, so he started going through the nebulae over there. They all looked really good, but when we viewed M-16, the Eagle, we could actually see the Pillars of Creation within the nebula. 8O
Needless to say, all my scepticism had vanished.
So I'm just wondering if anyone else has tried one of these. I'm not trying to sell them, and I'm not running out to buy one myself. But I must say it was a pretty impressive demo. I can only wonder how it would perform under dark skies...
Linton grin