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Telescope Calculator

Started by klawson, 10/28/2005 09:11PM
Posted 10/28/2005 09:11PM | Edited 10/28/2005 09:40PM Opening Post
Hi All,

I don't know if this is the right place for this but it is for all telescope users. I know there have been many shareware/freeware programs for calculating the performance parameters for telescopes and eyepieces but I never found one that gave me all the info I wanted and many did not have the ability to print. This is a simple spreadsheet but with it you can get general information on what to expect in telescope/eyepiece performance. Most of us own more than one scope and we sometimes scratch our heads trying to remember what magnification we are running on the scope we are using (ever been asked that question at a star party?). You can print the spreadsheet for use at the scope or use it in your laptop. It was made using Excel. Since we can only post images here, if you want the spreadsheet just drop me a line at and I will be happy to send it to you. If you like it and think someone else can use it please feel free to "spread" it around grin

As you can see in the screen shot there is some useful info. All the purple areas are for data entry. Put in your own scopes and eyepieces. Those of you who are comfortable with spreadsheets, you can edit anything in it to suit your needs including the simple formulas. Two scopes may not be enough for you or you may want everything in inches, etc. I'm posting this for anyone who could use this kind of info other than me wink


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