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Televue Nagler vs Panoptic

Started by ivanong, 05/07/2003 05:20PM
Posted 05/07/2003 05:20PM Opening Post
Hi everyone. Can someone tell me what is the primary difference between a Nagler and a Panoptic? I'm interested in all EP focal lengths (I have a 4" 820mm refractor). When and under what circumstances would you prefer one over the other? Thank you, Ivan
Posted 05/07/2003 08:02PM #1
I have a 4-inch 880 mm APO, a 35 Panoptic, a 22 Nagler T4, and several of the shorter T6 Naglers: 13mm, 9mm, 7mm.

Every one of them is the best EP in my case for some particular view. It would be like torture to make me part with any of them -- I find myself scheming to add more.

Eye relief is one variable you might look at. All the T6 Naglers have about the same eye relief. The Panoptics have shorter and shorter eye relief as the EP focal length decreases. At both long and short extremes there might be eye relief issues with the Panoptics for some users. The new 41 mm Panoptic is said to have longer eye relief than the 35 Panoptic, but I wouldn't want more than than the 35 provides. I wish it were just a touch less.

Seeing the field stop and not seeing it might also be a matter of preference. With Naglers you basically don't see the edge of the field without moving your gaze around. With Panoptics there is a sharp boundary to the field, which you can see all the way around almost as far out as your peripheral vision can reach. I actually prefer that some of the time, especially when I am scanning to find something. I know I am taking in the entire field, and not passing by something on the periphery without seeing it.

If you get your eye placed just right with the Naglers, and you move your head just right as you pan your scope around, so that the eye/EP position does not change as you move, then you may be able to get the much-touted Nagler "spacewalk" effect. It's pretty cool when it happens, but at least for me, I have to work at it.

Otherwise, I have to make due with EPs that are merely super sharp and super contrasty, and seem to reach deeper (the Nagler T6s in particular) than anything else. I also have some shorter Radians, which are very good in my scope, and I'm certain the T6 Naglers show fainter stars and better planetary contrast.

Seeing the double cluster for the first time through my scope and the 22 Nagler seems to cause sudden exclamations of delight from just about everybody. It would probably do the same for you. In your scope the 17 mm T4 might do as well or better, for slightly less money.

Hope this helps,