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Thousand Oaks Type 2 filter

Started by btlguce, 07/26/2002 06:28AM
Posted 07/26/2002 06:28AM Opening Post
I have a C11 and was wondering if I should get the off axis or the full aperture filter, which one will perform best most often? I will be doing some viewing and some Photography.
Posted 07/26/2002 11:29AM #1
Get a Baader Astrosolar fim filter instead, the views you get with the film are far superior to glass filters IMHO.

You can get the film on its own from Astro-Physics (and make your own cell), or Kendrick sells off axis filters made with the film (and the film itself).

The film is available in Visual and Photo only grades.

look at:
Posted 07/26/2002 04:01PM #2
Get the Baader film instead. I've owned both, and the Baader was noticeably better than the TO in every way. There was always detail visible in the Baader that was not seen in the TO. The regular window glass TO uses limits its performance.

Paul Gustafson