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Time Zone

Started by Ron777, 07/19/2003 02:38PM
Posted 07/19/2003 02:38PM Opening Post
I didn't know which forum this question fit, so this is the most active one I thought I'd try here,

I downloaded that Mars previewer program and it's asking for my time zone in relation to Greenwich, it says use a negative number if I'm east of there. I'm in the Pacific NW, in Idaho, now I think I can get to Greenwich by going east or west haha, anyone know what I put there? How many hours?

Posted 07/19/2003 02:49PM #1
I think you are at -7 hours, you on moutain time or pacific time. Pacific is -8 hours.

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Posted 07/19/2003 03:16PM #2
You might find this Mars simulation a tad more to your liking (choose "Cancel" when asked if you want to install the Japanese languge pack... you don't need it to navigate here):

Select the date from the table then click the appropriate UT from the right side time table.