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Unistar vs Giro vs

Started by adamsdp, 01/19/2005 12:39PM
Posted 01/19/2005 12:39PM Opening Post
I am wondering if anyone could give feedback on the unistar, giro or stellarvue stableglide m6. I am leaning toward the unistar due to not having to use counterweights,
thus making the whole setup more of grab and go for use with a Bradon 94, D&G 5" f/10 and C9.25. Thanks.

Dave Adams
Posted 01/19/2005 01:14PM #1
I regularly use the Giro and Unistar, mainly with a C11. Both are good mounts. As you said, for grab and go the Unistar is more convenient because it doesn't use counterweights. The ability to quickly convert the Unistar dovetail holder from 2" to 3" using the exchangeable dovetail jaws can be useful too. When using DSC's I prefer the Giro because the scope/mount system can be balanced with counterweights, giving more accurate DSC readings. The Unistar is several inches taller than the Giro, which could be a plus or a minus for you.
Posted 01/20/2005 12:18PM #2
I have a Giro II two-arm mount and a Unistar Deluxe with DSCs. I use the Unistar with my TEC 140, and the Giro with my Tak FS102 in tandem with a WO Megrez 80. Both are fine alt/az mounts, but I think the Unistar is more convenient to use and is very sturdy. The Unistar will hold high powers steady and moves very wmoothly, too. I like it so well I find I rarely use an equatorial mount anymore!


Walter Locke
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