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Uti Owners (or Uti Experience)?

Started by dwalton, 02/07/2004 08:30PM
Posted 02/07/2004 08:30PM Opening Post
If you own (or have owned) an Uti reflector, or have used one, please post your opinions and thoughts. I wouldn't say that I'm to the point where I'm seriously considering one, but they are very interesting to me. I have a viewing situation at a new house where having an ultra-lightweight, quickly moveable truss reflector would be a nice thing to have. Being able to put it in an overhead compartment on a plane is of little interest to me, but being able to pick it up and easily walk it 20 yards to a new spot would be great. 8" is less aperture than I'd want, but compromises may need to be made.

Thanks, Doug