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Warning - Hacker Making Offers on Hijacked Account

Started by jdownie, 01/10/2023 05:12PM
Posted 01/10/2023 05:12PM Opening Post

I am not sure this is the correct forum, but I am hoping the moderators will relocate, if not.

The account of forum member Yodyium Tipsuwan has been hacked and a scammer is making offers, selling gear, etc. I got a scam offer that seemed off, so I bailed, and reached out to Yod, who confirmed that the offer was not from him.  At least one other member, on CN, got scammed out of substantial money.

Advice - ask questions, particularly if an offer seems particularly attractive.


Posted 01/11/2023 09:06PM #1
Yep, I'm 95% sure I just lost $2k to this scammer.