Which is better ? TV WideField 24xMeade SWA 24.5

Started by moutinho, 05/16/2004 03:44PM
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Which one is better ?
TV WideField 24mm or Meade SWA 24.5 ?

Posted 05/16/2004 08:39PM #1
Side-by-side tests in several scopes:

On axis sharpness very similar. Both show
diffraction limited performance. Very nice
Airy disk in both.

In fast scopes F/6 - F/8 the TeleVue has much
sharper edge performance -- about twice as sharp.
However TV WF has about 30% more field curvature
than Meade, which makes Meade a little better in slow
scopes like F/15.

TeleVue has better coatings. I could see some
reflections in the Meade during daytime use and
on moon.

Eyerelief from glass similar, about 15mm in both.
But Meade eyecup and metal work rises 2-3 mm higher,
making TeleVue maybe a little better.