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Which TV WideField 24mm model is better ?

Started by moutinho, 05/15/2004 03:14PM
Posted 05/15/2004 03:14PM Opening Post
There seems to exists two TV WideField 24mm models. An older model with smooth body and a newer one with eyecup ?
I have searched the astromart ad archive and it seems that people prefers the older model. I am interested in buying one and I don´t know which model.


Posted 05/15/2004 03:34PM #1
I got one of the very first 24 mm Panoptics several years ago from a dealer located near TeleVue. I ordered it just as they were announced and waited about a month for it. As far as I can tell, there have been no changes since then. Eyecup and knurled body included.
Posted 05/15/2004 08:55PM #2
Which is best depends.... The older and newer
24 WF (left and center) are the same optically.
But the older version is nicer for binoviewing.
The newer version is better for one-eye viewing,
but the fatter barrel at the top stinks for

Of course, the 24 Pan (right) is best optically
and great for bino. Nice coatings and better
edge sharpness. But it also costs alot more $
and eyerelief is not as comfortable as the WF.

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