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Worlds worst atmosphere...

Started by Ron777, 08/29/2003 07:55PM
Posted 08/29/2003 07:55PM Opening Post
Sheesh, Mars like sucked last night! LOL Oh man, this is the worst I've ever seen it! I edited a pic to show it, and I think the pic looks better! Anyone have it THIS bad?

Hope you guys are getting better veiws! :-)

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Posted 08/29/2003 09:40PM #1
You'd hate to see my raws... doubled images, potato chip disks, bent folded and mutilated. I didn't even process last night's batch the raws looked so bad. The jet stream was right on top of me. It does get better at times though... I can get an ok result but nothing to brag about.

I'm 45 deg N. so Mars presents at 20-25 degrees above the horizon. I also have thermals from the roofs to the south and air conditioner exhaust. Somehow I think the next night may be better smile
Posted 08/30/2003 02:45AM #2
The only time I ever saw anything that bad was when I spent a few months near Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Wherever you are, just count your blessings it's not anywhere near there.

Posted 08/30/2003 09:08AM #3
Yeah Ron, Except for the red & blue fringing, that's about all I'm seeing.
TV Big Barlow
22mm Panoptic
15mm Ultrascopic
12mm UO Ortho
Image started falling apart when I went to a 9mm UO Ortho

20mm Plossl
18mm Ultima
15mm Ultrascopic

Side-by-side, the Televue was a little sharper. Filters didn't help much, but a moon filter seemed to do best.

Location: Central NY at about 11PM

Having a big time on a small scale grin