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XT10 focuser replacement questions

Started by mastervisa, 02/23/2003 09:55AM
Posted 02/23/2003 09:55AM Opening Post
The standard focuser that came on my XT10 is terrible. Fine focusing is almost impossible and collimation with a laser is impossible. What is a good replacement for this focuser? Model number? Thanks for any advice. My head hurts from banging it on the wall in frustration.
Posted 02/23/2003 10:44AM #1
Go to the Burgess Optical website at:
They make some of the best focusers out there.
Posted 02/24/2003 05:05AM #2
I am curious about your focuser. I got one of those "cheap" 2" models from Orion and thought it was a great buy for the $. What focal length eyepiece are you trying to fine focus? (I have mine on an f9.6 scope, so may not have encountered the same problem.) And why can't you collimate with a laser?


Fort Lewis Observatory: (37.238, -108.052) ~2360m (7744 ft.) elevation.
Darkness - typically 6.5+
Scope - Meade 16" LX200; f6.3 focal reducer
Focus - JMI Smart focus
Camera - SBIG ST-10XE; (~.5"/pixel)
Guiding - AO-8 and/or Meade 5"/DSI/PHD
Posted 02/24/2003 08:57AM #3

Are you sure the focuser is the problem ? I own an Orion XT10 and the focuser is just fine. Let me say, the XT10 is just plain hard to focus but not because of the focuser. I can however use a laser to "help" alighn the scope. The XT10 does not produce images as well the other XT models. Not very good at all on planets except on the best of nights and even then its just so-so. Its hard to focus because it never has crisp images, expect soft images with this scope, rarely 250X. Time will tell you just what this scope can do. IMHO, the XT8 stomps the XT10, in fact the lowly little XT 4.5 is just as good as the XT10 when it comes to image quality. I also have found that the XT10 takes at least 1 1/2 hours to cool down, expect extreme difficulties in focusing until its cool. Great on deep space, but again, soft star images. I prefer the XT8 over the XT10, much better images and fast cool down. Good luck. I really don't think a new focuser is the answer. With this scope its inherent.