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26mm Nagler- Needs Visual Paracorr?

Started by web0178230, 06/08/2002 01:51AM
Posted 06/08/2002 01:51AM Opening Post
I'm planning to acquire a 26mm Nag when they become available. Already sold the 35mm Pan and the 22mm Nag will go away once the 26mm is added to the arsenal. The 31mm needs the Visual PC to avoid vignetting. Anyone know if the 26mm can be used in the regular tunable top PC without vignetting? Or do I have to plan on buying the visual PC??
Posted 06/08/2002 04:23AM #1

I'm guessing that the 26 Nagler won't require the visual Paracorr. It's field lens diameter is 35mm, smaller than the 35 Panoptic's 38.7mm ... which is not vignetted by the regular Paracorr. I recently bought the visual Paracorr in preparation for acquiring the 31 Nagler, but since the 26 is about to be born, I have instead ordered one of them (much better exit pupil match with my F/4 mirror). Had I known Al was going to come out with the 26 a while back, I could have saved a chunk of money. Oh well....

Pat Rochford
Posted 08/20/2002 05:38PM #2
Are you aware of anyone who has the 26mm and what kind of perfomance they are getting?