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APM 30 mm Widescan

Started by Lorne Johnson, 02/16/2003 07:51AM
Posted 02/16/2003 07:51AM Opening Post
Has anyone had any personal experience with the first run of the 30 mm APM widescan? They have made some changes in the new run including a reduction in the AFOV to 84 degrees. It may well be a great eyepiece, but I would like to know more before considering one.

Posted 02/17/2003 10:21AM #1
nobody can have experience yet, because the first run is arriving only this week and only than shipped out, so please a bit more for first light reviews


clear skies

Markus Ludes
Posted 02/20/2003 12:02PM #2
If your referring to the new WideScan III, and I believe you are, I've got one on the way from Kendrick Astrosystems.

Jim Kendrick has tested it out and to quote him...

"Yes, the eyepiece is a winner. Amazing APOV, half the weight and less than
half the price of a Nagler 31mm with better edge to edge field sharpness. I
will be adding these to my own collection."

He said that they are going to list them at $410 Canadian which translated to $229 US. I got the only one he has for now.

Posted 02/23/2003 11:34AM #3
Quick question: Is this the EP that Apogee has branded with their logo? The one one their website is $199 (Type II). If it's the same EP line, what are the differences between the Type II and Type III?


- Craig