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Astro Systems Wide scan eyepieces

Started by Paul300, 01/28/2004 05:39AM
Posted 01/28/2004 05:39AM Opening Post
Anyone have any thoughts on the new style Wide Scan 13,20 or 30MM WideScan Type II 82degree oculars sold by Astro Systems? These seem to be a great buy, but I have not had any experience with these. They "look" to be as nicely constructed as TV's. Thanks,Paul
Posted 01/28/2004 05:50AM #1
I have the 30mm and like it very much in my 10" f/6 and a 4" f/10 refractor. I was just talking with Astro-Systems a few days ago and we got to talking about the WS's. They don't recommend them in f/5 or faster systems as the edges do go soft fast.
Cloudy Nights has an article comparing them to Naglers and the 13mm came out better than the others but still no where near as good. I would suspect that it depends primarily on your value of a fov sharp to the edge (you won't get it with the WS)and how much of a bargain you want. You can't have both.