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Best eyepieces for use with Tak FCT 100 advice ?

Started by Broose , 08/21/2022 06:46PM
Posted 08/21/2022 06:46PM Opening Post
I'm looking to obtain an  2" eyepiece for wide field star sweeping with a Tak FCT 100
Also looking for recommendations for lunar and planetary eyepieces. 



Broose K

Wonderful Wife wink
Posted 08/22/2022 07:15PM #1
What's up Bruce.  That's an f/6.4 scope?  I would go with Pentax XW30.  It's my favorite low-power eyepiece for f/5-f/6 scopes.  

Lunar and planetary, why not some Tak Abbe orthos.  Or 5mm 7.5mm Tak LE.  These may not be available soon due to being discontinued, it's a great time to acquire them.
Posted 08/22/2022 07:33PM #2

Thank you much for the reply and advice, Do you happen to know what the eye relief is on Tak ?

Pentax is pretty good at 20 mm !


Broose K

Wonderful Wife wink
Posted 08/24/2022 06:18PM #3
The 5mm and 7.5mm Tak LE's are not going to match the eye relief of something like a Pentax XW.  They're a compromise between an XW and an ortho.  They have 5 elements for more contrast than the 7-8 element XW's. 

The eye relief is much better than orthos in that range, I find it perfectly comfortable, but if you're wearing glasses you might have to take on the extra glass of a 5mm or 7mm XW to get comfortable.