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Celestron Silver Tops

Started by Atlphoto1, 07/21/2022 08:58PM
Posted 07/21/2022 08:58PM | Edited 07/21/2022 09:23PM Opening Post
I’ve seen a few ads recently claiming more than one generation of Celestron Silver Top EPs.

As a manager at a Celestron dealer in the late 80s and early 90s, I only remember one set of these, all will satin silver bodies and orange lettering. The two inch EP, 50mm, had a silver body and a black retaining ring. Some said fully coated and later orders said multi coated. As I remember the Celestron rep said there was no difference, the fully coated ones were just as coated as the multi coated ones, it was a marketing ploy.

A few years later Celestron sourced the EPs from Taiwan, and these had satin silver bodies and black tops/retaining rings, with black lettering.

As memory serves, the optical designs were similar between the Taiwan and Vixen versions,  but the Vixen sourced ones had a better build.

As far as I can remember, there were not successive generations of the silver top Vixen sourced plossls. As far as the 50mm being a later version bc of the black top, I still own the original Vixen version and it has a black top as well.

Anyone else have any other info?