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Collins Electro Optic image-intensified eyepiece

Started by rhranac, 06/26/2004 04:38PM
Posted 06/26/2004 04:38PM Opening Post
Does anyone have experience with these, in particular, the company's newer thin-film technology? I'm contemplating getting one, but would like to get some feedback from users beforehand (other than comments about the $$). Thanks in advance. --Ron
Posted 06/26/2004 04:53PM #1
I viewed the ring nebula through one of these eyepieces a few years ago but I don't know if it was a later generation eyepiece or not.
The scope was a 25" dob and the eyepiece delivered the image with an artificial green cast and the amount of scintillation was marked. The image looked like an old-time silent movie flickering through a projector.It did deliver detail;I could see filamentous structure in the ring but I disliked the artificial appearance of the image.