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Experiences with Denkmeier Powerswitch ??

Started by Peter Glus, 08/28/2006 11:13AM
Posted 08/28/2006 11:13AM Opening Post
I am trying to build an eyepiece collection, and came across this product in S&T. It seems like a tempting idea...however, is it too good to be true? I mean, can I buy a Meade 5000 SWA 24mm and then expect to get decent peformance for the "12 mm", and "48" (??) slots? Or does this thing only work better for non-wide angle EPs? Does the "slot sliding" mechanism introdce slight mis-alignment, and maybe dust? I have a C8 SCT w/ f/10.
Posted 08/28/2006 12:00PM #1
I have the Denk II Universal with dual Powerswitch and haven't noticed any dust from the unit itself, just the normal dust that collects on any glass surface. I use it with 13T6 Naglers and it works perfectly and no problems with mis-alignment that I can see. I've never tested it to see if or how much vignetting there is of the FOV of the Naglers, however being able to switch between 3 different mag's and not change an eyepieces is great. In my point of view it is worth the expense over multiple sets of eyepieces. I already had a few Naglers so I just matched them up, which gave me 6 powers with no overlap, with just 2 pair of eyepieces.
Posted 08/28/2006 06:47PM #2
I recently purchased a Big, Easy for my TOA130. I liked everything about it except having to unscrew the "barlow" everytime I wanted to change magnification. I just got a single arm Powerswitch and I am very impressed. Everthing is tight and precise. I have plenty of eps, but I can see that the 24 Pans and 9T6's along with the binoviewer will be used pretty much full time in the TOA when I am using it for visual.

Randy Roy
Posted 09/30/2006 07:57AM #3
I've been happy with mine.

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