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eyepice opinion

Started by mbmotorsport, 10/14/2006 12:38AM
Posted 10/14/2006 12:38AM Opening Post
hello i just bought a meade 7 mak and im looking at the meade uwa eyepices im looking at the 18mm and the 14 is that a good choice ,i already have a 22mm vixen 68mm ep .and would the 8.8 uw be pushing the scopes limits , the dealer in chicago claims the 6.7 would be a good choice but i feel that would be too much well thanks for the input i know i dont punchuate very well (lol) well clear skies and may the force be with you 8)
Posted 10/14/2006 01:18AM #1
Hi Mike,

I have a 7" Meade Mak too and like to use my 14mm Series 5000 in it.

While it's easy for me to see a difference between the 4000 and 5000 14mm UWA's in my f4.5 and f6 Newts (softer stars in the outer 80% of the field of view) the view through the newer eyepiece is very nice in the longer focal length Mak. And the fact that it has a much smaller and lighter form factor makes it a pleasure to use.

I know it seems silly to keep two similar eyepieces and I may eventually put the 5000 up for sale... but not yet.

My 8.8 Series 4000 UWA works nicely in the Mak as well but, you're right, sometimes that is just too much for the seeing conditions. So I've been on the Astromart hunt for an 11mm T6 Nagler.

I don't own an 18mm UWA so can't opin on how it would work, however, my 20mm Nagler Type II works wonderfully in that scope.

Enjoy your new Mak!