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Meade 5000 series

Started by lintonius, 12/12/2004 11:32AM
Posted 12/12/2004 11:32AM Opening Post
Ladies and gentlemen,
The recent discussions of the size and weight of the Nagler 31 may have to be modified. I saw the new Meades at my local dealer yesterday and they are something else. The 40mm SW and the 30mm UW dwarf the Nagler 31! shocked I swear!
There was a Meade rep there and I heard him say these were prototypes. Nonetheless, they were being demoed out front on the sidewalk. If they are there again today, I will get a picture of the Nagler side by side and post it here.
I should mention, the 14mm UW is a much more compact version than the classic 4000 series. I would be interested in comparing the performance of the two. I wonder if the new one will live up to - or surpass - it's noble predecessor.
Has anyone else seen these yet?
Posted 12/12/2004 12:03PM | Edited 12/12/2004 12:05PM #1
The show was at Woodland Hills? I got the invite but the fog is bad here and I don't like driving in it that much. So what did you think of the EPs when you looked through them?
Bigger than the 31mm Nagler? My God! 8O What are they trying to do, scare the kids away from the scope? wink
The 14mm being more compact might be a plus, especially for smaller scopes. Now if the quality of the view is the same it is a done deal.

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Posted 12/12/2004 08:50PM #2
First we had aperture fever; now we got eyepiece aperture fever! Will it never end?


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