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Meade RGO's

Started by jadamslh, 06/15/2003 06:33AM
Posted 06/15/2003 06:33AM Opening Post
I'm looking for information regarding the discontinued Meade Research Grade Orthoscopic eyepieces; What focal lengths they came in, and which ones, if any, were particularly desirable?


James Adams
Posted 06/15/2003 05:57PM #1
Hi James, The Meade RG orthos you talk of came in 4, 7, 10.5, 16.8 & 28mm f.l's. They all are very nice eyepieces to look through,though the 4mm has a very small lens and very short e.r. The 7mm I think was the most popular of the full set. Every now and then other f.l.s show up for sale. I read somewhere on SAA a year or so ago that the glass in these are suppose to be pretty good, so they get a pretty high price on the used market. ($70-$100) The 7, 10.5, & 16.8 are the easiest to look through... I don't wear glasses. The 28 gives me blackouts in the daytime but does better at night and might work with someone who does wears glasses. The 4mm is really tight but gives excellent views.

My 2 cents.