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My first 2"

Started by robcos, 02/20/2004 07:56AM
Posted 02/20/2004 07:56AM Opening Post
I have two scopes with 2" focusers....what would be the first, best size for my first 2" eyepiece? I was considering the UO 2" 32mm Konig since i'm missing that size(I just sold my 1.25" 40mm Plossl).

Stellarvue AT1010 Refractor
Meade Schmidt-Newt F/4

Any advice would be appreciated as usual!

Rob Cos.

Posted 02/20/2004 08:40AM #1
You should purchase a TeleVue 27mm Panoptic. This eyepiece will work good in your Schmidt-Newt. The formula for maximum "minimum" focal length for an eyepiece is focal ratio multiplied by seven (4 X 7 = 28mm).

You can't go wrong with this eyepiece for low power in any scope.
Posted 02/20/2004 11:36AM #2
The Konig will not perform well at f/4, and not very well at f/6.

The Televue panoptic mention here, is a good choice (apart from being pricey), although the 26mm Nagler would be even better (apart from being even more expensive).

At fast focal lengths wide field options (and even narrow field options) are likely to be expensive.
Posted 02/23/2004 03:54AM #3
Hi Rob:

My 34 mm Axiom is quite good in my AT1010, but as others have mentioned about other not-so-expensive eps, it may be not so great in an f/4. Your best bet is probably a 40 mm Pentax XL. They come up on Astromart every so often for about $200.