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Orion Lanthanum Super Wides?

Started by tomdisco, 03/04/2003 04:09PM
Posted 03/04/2003 04:09PM Opening Post
I am considering purchase of Orion Lanthanum Super Wides in the 13mm and 8mm sizes, primarily for large eye relief. Does anyone have experience with either of these sizes. If so, I would appreciate your comments regarding their overall quality, clarity, and brightness. Thank you.
Posted 03/05/2003 04:43AM #1
I think the Lanthanum Super Wides have been underrated. I have the 8mm, 13mm and 17mm and the all give clear, crisp views. I wear glasses (astigmatism) and the long eye relief is a great asset.

You should try to find the ones you want here on Astromart. They usually sell for about $160-180 as opposed to the $225-230 new price.

Posted 03/05/2003 02:03PM #2
I agree with Bob Hart on his assessment of the overall superiority of the Pentax eyepieces in the focal lengths in question. I find the Pentax units to be virtually distortion-free in my fast dobs with excellent contrast and superb light transmission. I have followed Bob Hart's advice throughout the years on various web sites and I find his information to be "on target".
Posted 03/07/2003 01:10PM #3
Just a note to say "thank you" to Robert Hart, Chris Nicholl, Lee Zager, & Rod Kaufman for your input on this subject. I have just ordered a new Pentax XL-10.5, which will be the strongest eyepiece so far for my C9.25 scope. I'll let you know how it works out.