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Pentax Discontinued!!

Started by oceanbear, 02/05/2004 09:58AM
Posted 02/05/2004 09:58AM Opening Post
Now that Pentax has dicontinued their $300+ eyepieces what's a comparable upgrade. I've got the $99 Meade value pack assortment and I'd like to wear my glasses when I observe. Any suggestions?

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Posted 02/05/2004 10:26AM #1
Maybe you are thinking of the Pentax XL's that are discontinued and are replaced by the XW's. I just bought my first three Pentax XW's from Anacortes. If you can accept the price, they are an incredible eyepiece.
Posted 02/05/2004 02:17PM #2
They haven't stopped making Naglers and Panoptics so what's the problem?

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