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Pentax OR 6mm and K 12.5mm eyepieces?

Started by barrykawa, 10/01/2018 03:50PM
Posted 10/01/2018 03:50PM Opening Post
Why do I continue seeing sellers trying to pawn off cheap .965mm eyepieces, OR 6mm and K12.5mm eyepieces, as “Pentax” eyepieces? Sure, they may have been supplied with the cheap J60 Pentax scopes. These same scopes were sold under many different names here and are Pentax in name only, as the company wanted an import beginner’s scope it could sell cheaply. I’ve had and used genuine Pentax eyepieces, and these are far from those in quality, as far as construction, eye relief and sharp images. In fact, I’ve seen tables full of those unnamed .965mm eyepieces here for sale in Japan for only a few hundred yen each, which is only a few U.S. dollars. All the genuine Pentax eyepieces I have seen here are labeled as such.