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Poor man's Radian

Started by tomrod, 06/17/2002 04:59AM
Posted 06/17/2002 04:59AM Opening Post
I have a new favorite telescope (Jagers 4" f15) and a new high power eyepiece. The eyepiece is 4mm with a 50 degree field and generous eye relief. I don't know how to measure eye relief, but it is comfortable, better then a Celestron 10m SMA. It weighs 1 ounce so balance is not a problem. It star test's very well and I've been using it this evening at 393x to study the moon. The test was a small rille just north of Maskelyne (a crater on the southern edge of the Sea of Tranquility). This eyepiece is sharp from edge to edge and shows the rille well. It is better than an 8mm Konig II with an Ultima barlow.

The eyepiece is actually a plastic Computar 4mm f1.2 CS mount CCTV lens. The barrel o.d. is 1.266" so I'll have to turn it down a little in a lathe, but it's a keeper. The scope is too - it knocks my socks off!

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