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Re: Monocentric anyone?

Started by DrThud, 07/19/2002 03:56PM
Posted 07/19/2002 03:56PM Opening Post
I plan on putting together a monocentric eyepiece... *someday* (a few other LONG-overdue projects will take first priority, over the next few months). Perhaps my timing will coincide with the "return" of Jupiter & Saturn.

Steinheil monocentric triplets are available from Edmund in a few focal lengths. They carry Hastings triplets, too.

Once I give it a try, I'll check back and relay my impressions.

The greatest advantage might be in the category of surface scatter. I recall one particular report in which an experienced stargazer, trying a monocentric for the first time, noted less scatter in it than in another "standard" eyepiece.

--I'll try and find the article. It may have been Jay Freeman.

I'll happily deal with a 30-degree apparent field, if the monocentric yields a discernible advantage in image fidelity.

Best wishes.
Posted 07/19/2002 04:09PM #1
Yes, it was Jay.

Search on "jay freeman monocentric" will yield a few sources to the same article text.

Here's one link (to SEDS):

Posted 07/19/2002 05:55PM #2
You'll need a relatively slow scope to go with it. Shortest focal length at Edmund is 12.5mm.