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Re: MY User Ratings...A rebutle to Brain Roth

Started by jonisaacs, 08/23/2003 04:10AM
Posted 08/23/2003 04:10AM Opening Post
I have no idea what is going on here between you two and this is obviously the wrong forum for discussing this issue.

However your obviously angry post does more damage to you than anyone else might do. The "forwarded: John E. Virga, A professional law Corporation" is a particularly poor touch.

You are worried about others and what they might do to your user rating. From my perspective you have just shot yourself in the foot with this one.

Personally I am not concerned about my own ratings on Astromart. Rather I just want to make sure that everyone I deal with is comfortable and happy with the deal and how it turned out. For me it is not about the money, rather it is simply about getting a reasonable return and having a pleasurable exchange with another Astronut. I might add that I normally include shipping in the cost of anything I sell and pay the insurance out of my own pocket.


jon isaacs
Posted 08/23/2003 10:20AM #1
"I might add that I normally include shipping in the cost of anything I sell and pay the insurance out of my own pocket."

And this shows that you probably understand where your responsibilities end. I hasten to add that it is okay, of course, to pass on the cost of insurance to a buyer if a seller wants to, but the shipper is responsible until the item is received, so if any seller thinks insurance is a must, then it is their business to work it in somehow. A buyer might want it there because they think it will smooth things out if something happens, but the receiver is not covered by the insurance, anyway, only the shipper. So, sellers have no standing to criticize buyers for not buying shipping insurance.

Having said that, I took a look at the ratings of the two guys in question here, and I think we would all agree that James need not worry about his reputation being sullied on account of this deal. The subsequent forum posts were a bad move, but hey, I've been angry once or twice in my life, so I can empathize. However, my technique is to write messages that I never send, or edit them drastically until I'm calm enough to assess the way the message will reflect on me. The key is to write whatever you want at first without passing it through your usual "filters." It helps dissipate the anger, and some of the filters are broken when you're mad, anyway. Just don't send.