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Re: Opinions on Orion DeepView's

Started by jonisaacs, 09/16/2003 01:14PM
Posted 09/16/2003 01:14PM Opening Post
I haven't tried one but I think they only have 3 elements. My guess is that one would be better of with a BW-Optik 30mm 80 degree from Herb here for $95 or the close out on the widescans at $70.

Posted 09/16/2003 04:55PM #1
I think the throughput is an issue only if the light is arranged as it should be, with a 3 element eyepiece that is somewhat unlikely...

What scope were you thinking of using it with. If it is fairly slow, the BW-Optik would probably be a nice choice. Does OK in my Pronto, not so good in an F5 scope but still OK...