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Re: What are your 3 most used eyepieces?

Started by SocalDarkSkies, 05/11/2006 04:20PM
Posted 05/11/2006 04:20PM Opening Post
Like many it really depends on what I am planning to look at but since I live in the Southern California suburbs I usually pull a scope out of the garage to look at the planets. New moon weekends with good weather will get me out to dark skies but at best this is only once a month or less.

So on an average night I'll be very happy sitting and watching Jupiter, Saturn or Mars with my 8" f6 Newt:
1. Meade 4000 8.8mm and 2x barlow
2. 4.8mm Nagler
3. 3.7 Orion Epic ED (Recently sold it and now am looking for a 3mm Radian)

Under dark skies with my 16" f4.5 Newt I use mostly:
1. 20mm Nagler T2
2. Meade 4000 14mm
3. Meade 4000 8.8mm