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Televue eyepieces at NEAF

Started by mirfak, 04/30/2007 09:54PM
Posted 04/30/2007 09:54PM | Edited 04/30/2007 09:56PM Opening Post
Im a first timer at NEAF so some of this is old news to the NEAF veterans.

I met with some setbacks on the way to NEAF and arrived later than planned. Walk in and there are about 50 people in the Televue line. My plan was to get in early and get the good stuff.

There were lots of eyepieces for sale. Every Plossl except the 15 and 11 which I wanted. The 35 Panoptic sold out while I was waiting. Naglers and bandmate filters sold at clearance prices. Luckily for me the 3x barlow was still available. I also got a 7.4 plossl, the only one for sale at NEAF. No "blems" visible on either except the little dot punched on the barrel.

On the floor behind the counter were boxes and boxes of eyepieces. That got me wondering.

Why are there so many NEAF eyepieces? IS the QC that strict or is there a factory problem?

Why are there gobs of certain ep's and none of others? Did the 11 and 15 plossls sell out before I arrived?

What Astromarter got a good deal on a filter and Powermate for his 15" dob?

Will some NEAF ep's appear in other classified/auction sites for sale at normal prices?

Will different size Ethos ep's appear and slowly replace the Naglers? What ep's is it parfocal with?

I didnt even look at the new ep and didnt care. The 17 Nagler only came out once this year to look at NGC 4244 and 4236 and then it was back in the box.

Clear skies,
"the fossil with the plossl"

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