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A bit of rolling roof advice needed.

Started by tomdisco, 11/09/2020 06:16PM
Posted 11/09/2020 06:16PM Opening Post
At 75 years I've reached the point where lugging around scopes is no longer fun.  Instead, I've decided to cut a few trees and build a simple 8' x 8' shed w/ a roll-off roof for my CPC-1100.  The roof will have a low pitch of lightweight metal sheathed construction.  I've seen photos of a number of roofs w/ large 4" caster wheels riding in aluminum channels but the cost of that seems totally unnecessary for my purposes.
In attempt to save money I'm leaning towards 2" metal roller casters rolling on 1" or 1.25" Schedule 40 PVC pipe. 
An alternative form of track I've seen was a 3-4" wide galvanized strip with a raised center shaped to accommodate the rollers but cannot find out anything about this product.  It seems it would be a little more stable and perhaps much easier to install than PVC pipe.
Anybody know what this product is called and where to find it?  Any other advice appreciated.