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A few pictures of my almost completed dome...

Started by roger pitre, 08/25/2006 03:39AM
Posted 08/25/2006 03:39AM Opening Post
Hey all, I just thought I'd post a few pics of my TV102's future home. All that needs to be done before I move in is figure out a way to seal the dome/building interface (working on that), installing a door, and painting the inside.

The dome is made out of an old 1/4" thick fiberglass water tank. Yes, it's heavy. smile


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Posted 08/25/2006 03:39AM #1
...and one more, from a little closer:

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Posted 08/25/2006 09:33AM #2
Hey Roger, Thats looking very good! I used a garage door seal between the base ring and the dome. I had to add a ring of melamine to close the gap a little and the plastic side makes a better seal also. 8)
Happy viewing!! wink
Posted 08/25/2006 10:53AM #3
Looks great Roger! 8)
Enjoy it!

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Posted 08/25/2006 12:20PM #4
Looks good Roger. I used a vinyl garage door trim with a rubber insert to seal the base. Cheap,cheap from Home Depot.

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Posted 08/25/2006 04:40PM #5
Good job, looks like it will work great.