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Bee Attack and Power Outage

Started by fugardi, 05/29/2007 10:24AM
Posted 05/29/2007 10:24AM Opening Post
Last night was looking pretty clear, so I decided to try some observing for the first time in weeks. As I went to open my dome, some huge yellow jacket nests were hanging right where the chains and clips were. I poked them with a stick and ran out, fortuneately with the dark interior, the bees were still sleeping! After an hour with the fans running, my power went off in the neighborhood. After a couple of hours of waiting I gave up and packed it in. It is amazing how dependent we are on power. Luckily the seeing is looking even better this evening, assuming the power stays on...

Clear skies!
Posted 05/29/2007 04:52PM #1
Steve -

Backup power is never a bad idea. Moderately sized generators can be had fairly cheap.

A generator with enough oomph to run your observatory should run about the same price level as a good Nagler eyepiece. 8)

-Kevin in Indy

Kevin in Indy 8)