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Building my 18x18ft ROR Observatory

Started by Gold Mtn, 06/03/2010 03:13PM
Posted 06/03/2010 03:13PM Opening Post
I'm kina begining in the middle of my build..almost close to the end..but I wanted to share some of my experiences.

I needed a large enough building for my newly fabricated 10"f/15 refractor on its 8ft I picked out a spot on my Observing Center property and began digging the massive 5' deep..3.5ftx3.5ft concrete pier footer.

Then I ordered the flooring material and began the wood floor build. Next came the walls and siding and the treated lumber sopport system for the roof.

I decided I was NOT going to follow what many do and use *V* caster rollers and steel angle iron as the rail.

I used..instead...steel casters that cost only $6 v. $21. I used 7 per side and I ran them on a 1" wide steel strip(1/8") the steel rail runs the length of the OB and rail(36ft). I build a wooden rail guide covered with galvanized angle flanging for the rollers to guide against.
The roof rolls very smoothly and can be rolled with one hand.

One note: I built this Observatory nearly entirely by myself. I did employ the help of several friends(One) who helped frame the West wall and 2 who helped build the external support structure. I built the floor, framed, sided it and built the trusses by myself... 8O

I hope to be done in several weeks.
Here is a pic of it currently..I'm placing the purlins currently


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Posted 06/03/2010 04:53PM #1
Ummm, that looks larger than my house 8O

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