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DIY dome slits

Started by mike fleenor, 07/19/2002 02:56PM
Posted 07/19/2002 02:56PM Opening Post
Have a general question for folks with DIY type dome observatories.

How large is your dome slit and what size instrument are you using? I will be using scopes between 10 and 12" presently and maybe a 16" later on. I am trying to decide about a slit 24" wide (seems small but good to block out light) and one 40" which would be more than big enough but may defeat the purpose of a dome as it would let in considerable light from my suburban location.

Any info would be appreciated.

Posted 07/19/2002 04:27PM #1
Hi Mike,

My opening is 34". I have used (all on a GEM) a 10" SCT, a 10" SCT with a guidescope on top, a 4" refractor with a 3" refractor mounted side by side and now a 6" refractor with a 4" refractor mounted on top. When using the side by side version I felt I had to move the dome too often until the mount tracked to the point the scopes were on top of each other and vice versa for the scope mounted on top. My application is for unattended imaging so your application may vary. I think you would soon regret the 24" opening. If I build another dome it will have a 40" opening.

I hope this helps - Cal