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Dome slit

Started by puhtron54, 07/10/2008 01:47PM
Posted 07/10/2008 01:47PM Opening Post
Hello everybody

I am now at he slit phase of construction on my 7.5 ft geodesic dome. I am leaning toward a one piece shutter that slides sideways on a tube or rails. Does anyone have suggestions pro or con to this style ?


Posted 07/10/2008 02:05PM #1
I have a lot of wind, therefore I built a dome, so I made my shutter roll up and over the dome so it would not catch the wind.

I also split my shutter into two pieces so I could open the lower part to gain access to the dome without having to open the whole thing. This is useful for maintenance. It was more complicated to build but once finished no problems.

Just one of many ways to do it.

Posted 07/10/2008 04:41PM #2
Tom, on my 7' dome, the slit is just wide enough to fit my 20" box fan for observatory cooling. The slit cover has 2 pieces. The large piece I just remove and lean against the dome and the top smaller piece, I just slide up and over the top of the dome and let it rest. This size slit is the minimum to go, and I wish mine was wider, it is difficult to slew automatically with a dew shield without jamming against the opening. I usually adjust manually to get it close before hitting the goto. For some reason bees only nest on these pieces. Good luck


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Posted 07/11/2008 02:41AM #3
Cal - Andy - Steve , Thank you for you're input .
The shutter will be manual for now but at some point in time I am shooting for automation of everything. The dome will sit on a structure 14 Ft tall. This puts the top of the dome at about 19 ft. Maintenance could be interesting , so I would like to do something that is really " Bomb Proof " .